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do not meddle in the affairs of dragons

for you are crunchy, and good with ketchup


... To my blog. I had something witty and interesting planned to say here, but I forgot it, so:div>


Hi! I'm now known as Evvie..... haha. I used to be Rieko. And Ginny. And Emma. There's no way I'm putting up my real name here where everyone will see it! [way too paranoid] heehee. So don't be alarmed if my name changes from time to time. Because sometimes I get bored....
I'm a teenager, I'm extremely random, weird, overly hyper (sometimes).....yes. I love anime, manga, and fantasy books, as well as shopping, swimming, talking.
I was born in the year of the dog, but when I was little I was obsessed with cats, so I was really mad that there wasn't a year of the cat. Just something I have in common with Tohru, yay.
I'm learning japanese. And SPanish, and Italian with my mom.
I use ellipses (...) too much. Way too much...
When I obsess about something, I really obsess. It's usually all or nothing for me....but I guess I do like some things that I'm not obsessed with....hmm....
I get confused a lot. Sometimes at school I say I'm confused just to get out of a situation/conversation I don't like.
If you want to friend me go ahead, and I'll friend you back!

What is your Female Fruits Basket Character? and there is 8 results. Just girls sorry Guys. PICS TOO.

You got Machi! You are sometimes random and can be quiet at times. You like wearing casual clothes that fit your mood of that day or whatever you chose. You dislike organized stuff and tend to destroy those things at random impulse. You like to eat sweet cakes.
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What color of cat are you?

You are a tortoiseshell or calico cat. Man, are you nuts or what? You should try taking some tranquilizers. Calm down, you hyper thing! You've got a great personality though. You're so lively and you are known for getting into mischief.
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My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Grace Lady Rachel the Lackadaisical of Piddletrenthide on the Carpet
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Thora Freya

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Pita Ten is love! <3

Ultra Maniac is mahou shoujo love.

(colorbars NOT made by me! in order from the top ^^, chibikaitou, chibikaitou, taruto_chan, choclitcrunchie.. hehe i'm crediting ^^)

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