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Aug. 25th, 2009



Sorry, people, I've ditched this site for so long that I think it's time to be gone for good... I mean, I don't know how to delete and account, but I'm dtiching this one -____- If I ever want to do this again, I'll set up a new account and find y'all all over again. But I'm just not into this right now. I blame Facebook. So... see ya.

Nov. 25th, 2008


Gasp! An actual post!

She's aliiive!!!!!! Yes. I am alive. I'm so sorry I ditched you all! School has been hectic, and I've recently been introduced to Facebook, so I have had no time at all. Sorry >< I am sorry! Anyway, mostly I am here to advertise a site for my friend. It's an RPG thing for the Warriors series, if you know it? Please check it out. Tell your friends and all.


I'll try to post more often! Thanks, too...

Aug. 12th, 2008


he he he

Wow, it's been a long time since I've actually posted a real entry. I have no excuses, other than watching Naruto on YouTube (hee hee) which takes up most of my time... So... Yes. I went to a retreat thing last weekend (not this one), it was pretty cool. I like dancing around and singing. And this weekend I was in LaCrosse (WI) for an Irish fest. Some friends of the family live there, so we braved (brove?) the long drive to go see them. If it were just me, I would have skipped it, since there wasn't anything remarkable, other than some swords and an awesome band. Who would have thought that fiddles, electric guitars, and accordians ( not all at the same time) would work so well? I guess they do. And I love getting autographs :3 Even if I don't know much about the people. My internet is down now, So I'm at the local library. I love libraries :) :) And I'm kind of hyper.... I love coffee :) Ha ha.... My brother wants to use my card to play internet games so I'd better go. But I'm trying to get into the habit of posting regularly. Yell at me if I fail, please :)

Aug. 8th, 2008


...Oh my.

How evil are you?</center
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Jul. 25th, 2008


Kitty Pics!!!

Long awaited kitty pics...Collapse )
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Jul. 10th, 2008


kitties :3

My mom found a kitten in the middle of our road!!! He's sooo cute!!! I don't have any pics yet... but we might be able to keep him. Maybe. If we can't find his owner that is.

Jun. 3rd, 2008


Writer's Block: Makeover! Or: Creepy Crawlies

If you had the chance to go crazy and completely overhaul your appearance, what would you do? Or: Recount a remarkable incident involving insects.

Let's see. Um, I would die my hair light green. And I just chopped it short, so.... THen I'd get color contacts in some odd color. But That's about all. Oh no, I'd get my ears triple pierced, then redo my entire wardrobe.

And once, when I was little, I had some grape soda and I drank it, but there was wasps in it, and I didn't get stung even though they were inside my mouth. SO there you go.

Jun. 2nd, 2008



I got my hair cut today. It was like midway down my back yesterday, and now it's like, shoulder length. Or shorter. Anyway, I really like it XD It's more my type of hairstyle.... it's confusing. Also I have three new cousins, one born today, one born on 5/2, and one born in february, but still. XD I'm happy! I love babies!!
I'm glad school gets out soon. Our school ends at noon on wednesday (??) but I didn't go today. It was like, a trip to some amusement park, and I have a cold. :( Oh well. I can't wait till summer though!!! :)
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May. 25th, 2008

kyo is ninja


Wow... people can be annoying sometimes. Then the same person can turn around and be really nice... don't ask me what I mean by that. I don't mean anything. I just figured it out. Well, witht the help of my little brother(s). ANyway, sorry for not posting. Really. I have no excuse. Other than my mom got really mad at one of my brothers for staying on the computer when he hadn't done his homework, so we have limited "computer time" and I used mine up watching anime on youtube. Anyway, I'm glad school is almost out. We have two weeks left, or, more like 1 1/2. We have only four days this week, then....1 1/2 next week.... yeah, wow. I hadn't realized that. I'm like, in shock. YAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost summer!!!!! Hmm... I just took a "which lotr character are you" quiz. I'm Pippin. That was a shocker. Oh my. Anyway. I really need to fix my profile page, since I haven't updated my interests for like, ever.... maybe I'll change my name, too. Maybe. Well, I was just saying "hi"...
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May. 18th, 2008

OMG stalker!

meme-ness 79 out of however many

1. Put numbers in the boxes instead of ticking them off with x's. (example: 1, 2, 3, 4...)
2. Repost as "I have lived through ___ of these 158 things."

whoops, sorry, forgot to do this the first timeCollapse )

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